Rio Powerflex Tippet 2023


RIO Powerflex Tippet is a high knot strength copolymer nylon tippet that features superb knot strength, stretch, and suppleness to make this an excellent nylon tippet material for almost all trout fly fishing needs. It is a light grey color to enhance its camouflage ability on the water and is available from 8X to 60 lb.

8X (1.5lb) to 0.015" (25lb) - 30 yards per spool
0.017" (30lb) to 0.019" (35lb) - 25 yards per spool
0.021" (40lb) - 20 yards per spool
0.023" (50lb) - 15 yards per spool

A high-tenacity trout tippet with superb knot strength, stretch, and suppleness.

Line Size Pack Test Diameter SKU
0X Single 15lb (6.8kg) .011in (.279mm) 6-22008
0X Guide Spool 15lb (6.8kg) .011in (.279mm) 6-22027
0X - 2X 3 Pack 15,13,10lb .011,.010,.009in 6-22074
1X Single 13lb (5.9kg) .010in (.254mm) 6-22007
1X Guide Spool 13lb (5.9kg) .010in (.254mm) 6-22026
20lb Single 20lb (9.0kg) .013in (.330mm) 6-22009
25lb Single 25lb (11.4kg) .015in (.381mm) 6-22010
2X Single 10lb (4.5kg) .009in (.229mm) 6-22006
2X Guide Spool 10lb (4.5kg) .009in (.229mm) 6-22025
30lb Single 30lb (13.6kg) .017in (.432mm) 6-22011
35lb Single 35lb (15.9kg) .019in (.483mm) 6-22012
3X Single 8.2lb (3.7kg) .008in (.203mm) 6-22005
3X Guide Spool 8.2lb (3.7kg) .008in (.203mm) 6-22024
3X - 5X 3 Pack 8.2,6.4,5lb .008,.007,.006in 6-22075
40lb Single 40lb (18.2kg) .021in (.533mm) 6-22013
4X Single 6.4lb (2.9kg) .007in (.178mm) 6-22004
4X Guide Spool 6.4lb (2.9kg) .007in (.178mm) 6-22023
4X - 6x 3 Pack 6.4,5.0,3.4lb .007,.006,.005in 6-22076
50lb Single 50lb (22.7kg) .023in (.584mm) 6-22015
5X Single 5.0lb (2.3kg) .006in (.152mm) 6-22003
5X Guide Spool 5.0lb (2.3kg) .006in (.152mm) 6-22022
6X Single 3.4lb (1.5kg) .005in (.127mm) 6-22002
6X Guide Spool 3.4lb (1.5kg) .005in (.127mm) 6-22021
7X Single 2.4lb (1.1kg) .004in (.102mm) 6-22001
7X Guide Spool 2.4lb (1.1kg) .004in (.102mm) 6-22020
8X Single 1.5lb (0.7kg) .003in (.076mm) 6-22000