Rio Powerflex Plus Trout Leaders 3-Pack 2023


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Powerflex Plus Trout Leaders are the strongest trout leaders ever made, with tensile strengths up to 20% more than regular leaders. A technical modification of the nylon copolymer formulation has resulted in a prodigious strength increase, without compromising the knot strength or suppleness. Simply put, these are the strongest, most reliable trout leaders ever made. 

There are three lengths available:
7.5 ft - 7X (2.75 lb) to 0X (18 lb)
9 ft - 7X (2.75 lb) to 0X (18 lb)
12 ft - 7X (2.75 lb) to 0X (18 lb)
Each leader has a hand-tied perfection loop in the butt end for fast rigging.
  • Dry Flies
  • Soft Hackles
  • Nymph / Indicator Rigs
  • Streamers
  • One pack Includes 3 Leaders

The strongest trout leaders ever made!

Line Size Length Pack Size Diameter Test SKU
0X 7.5ft 2 Pack .011in (.279mm) 18lb (8.2kg) 6-24407
0X 9ft (2.7m) 2 Pack .011in (.279mm) 18lb (8.2kg) 6-24415
0X 12ft 2 Pack .011in (.279mm) 18lb (8.2kg) 6-24423
0X 7.5ft Single .011in (.279mm) 18lb (8.2kg) 6-24577
0X 9ft (2.7m) Single .011in (.279mm) 18lb (8.2kg) 6-24585
1X 7.5ft 2 Pack .010in (.254mm) 15lb (6.8kg) 6-24406
1X 9ft (2.7m) 2 Pack .010in (.254mm) 15lb (6.8kg) 6-24414
1X 12ft 2 Pack .010in (.254mm) 15lb (6.8kg) 6-24422
1X 7.5ft Single .010in (.254mm) 15lb (6.8kg) 6-24576
1X 9ft (2.7m) Single .010in (.254mm) 15lb (6.8kg) 6-24584
2X 7.5ft 2 Pack .009in (.229mm) 12lb (5.4kg) 6-24405
2X 9ft (2.7m) 2 Pack .009in (.229mm) 12lb (5.4kg) 6-24413
2X 12ft 2 Pack .009in (.229mm) 12lb (5.4kg) 6-24421
2X 7.5ft Single .009in (.229mm) 12lb (5.4kg) 6-24575
2X 9ft (2.7m) Single .009in (.229mm) 12lb (5.4kg) 6-24583
3X 7.5ft 2 Pack .008in (.203mm) 9.5lb (4.3kg) 6-24404
3X 9ft (2.7m) 2 Pack .008in (.203mm) 9.5lb (4.3kg) 6-24412
3X 12ft 2 Pack .008in (.203mm) 9.5lb (4.3kg) 6-24420
3X 7.5ft Single .008in (.203mm) 9.5lb (4.3kg) 6-24574
3X 9ft (2.7m) Single .008in (.203mm) 9.5lb (4.3kg) 6-24582
3X 7.5ft 3 Pack .008in (.203mm) 9.5lb (4.3kg) 6-24589
3X 9ft (2.7m) 3 Pack .008in (.203mm) 9.5lb (4.3kg) 6-24593
4X 7.5ft 2 Pack .007in (.178mm) 7.5lb (3.4kg) 6-24403
4X 9ft (2.7m) 2 Pack .007in (.178mm) 7.5lb (3.4kg) 6-24411
4X 12ft 2 Pack .007in (.178mm) 7.5lb (3.4kg) 6-24419
4X 7.5ft Single .007in (.178mm) 7.5lb (3.4kg) 6-24573
4X 9ft (2.7m) Single .007in (.178mm) 7.5lb (3.4kg) 6-24581
4X 7.5ft 3 Pack .007in (.178mm) 7.5lb (3.4kg) 6-24588
4X 9ft (2.7m) 3 Pack .007in (.178mm) 7.5lb (3.4kg) 6-24592
5X 7.5ft 2 Pack .006in (.152mm) 6lb (2.7kg) 6-24402
5X 9ft (2.7m) 2 Pack .006in (.152mm) 6lb (2.7kg) 6-24410
5X 12ft 2 Pack .006in (.152mm) 6lb (2.7kg) 6-24418
5X 7.5ft Single .006in (.152mm) 6lb (2.7kg) 6-24572
5X 9ft (2.7m) Single .006in (.152mm) 6lb (2.7kg) 6-24580
5X 7.5ft 3 Pack .006in (.152mm) 6lb (2.7kg) 6-24587
5X 9ft (2.7m) 3 Pack .006in (.152mm) 6lb (2.7kg) 6-24591
6X 7.5ft 2 Pack .005in (.127mm) 4lb (1.8kg) 6-24401
6X 9ft (2.7m) 2 Pack .005in (.127mm) 4lb (1.8kg) 6-24409
6X 12ft 2 Pack .005in (.127mm) 4lb (1.8kg) 6-24417
6X 7.5ft Single .005in (.127mm) 4lb (1.8kg) 6-24571
6X 9ft (2.7m) Single .005in (.127mm) 4lb (1.8kg) 6-24579
6X 7.5ft 3 Pack .005in (.127mm) 4lb (1.8kg) 6-24586
6X 9ft (2.7m) 3 Pack .005in (.127mm) 4lb (1.8kg) 6-24590
7X 7.5ft 2 Pack .004in (.102mm) 2.75lb (1.2kg) 6-24400
7X 9ft (2.7m) 2 Pack .004in (.102mm) 2.75lb (1.2kg) 6-24408
7X 12ft 2 Pack .004in (.102mm) 2.75lb (1.2kg) 6-24416
7X 7.5ft Single .004in (.102mm) 2.75lb (1.2kg) 6-24570
7X 9ft (2.7m) Single .004in (.102mm) 2.75lb (1.2kg) 6-24578