Pure Intentions Ethiopia Various Regions & Small Farmholders Coffee


Welcome to Pure Intentions Ethiopia Rotating Single Origin program! Pure Intention's goal is to consistently source and roast a wide variety of high quality and distinct coffees showcasing both classic flavors and progressive flavors from the birthplace of coffee. They rotate approximately every couple of months depending on the popularity of each offering.

Processing and Grade: WASHED

Farm: Duromina Cooperative

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, sangria, plum cocktail, blackberry, baking spice, French toast

Origin Information: Oromia, Jimma, Gomma

Roaster Notes: While still a relatively young cooperative, Duromina received a huge boost in 2011 when they were chosen to be a part of USAID’s Technoserve project. Thanks to this initiative seeking to improve the livelihoods of small producers through fetching higher prices for the coffee, Duromina is now firmly in superstar territory. Focusing on infrastructure investment, education and lot separation has allowed these growers to fetch previously unheard of premiums while producing some of the most coveted coffees out of Ethiopia.

12 oz package 

Coffee comes as a whole bean and will need to be ground before preparing.