Appalachian Sojourner Book 2020


In addition to thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail (2007), Stewart Kincaid has completed end-to-end treks of the John Muir Trail (2008); the Colorado Trail (2009); Vermont's Long Trail (2010); and the Blue Ridge Parkway (2011). In this book, learn how Kincaid's childhood fascination with mountains led him to explore these North American pathways which shaped his life and pointed him in the direction he was truly seeking. "The Appalachian Trail and its relatives taught me to love life, to hold onto moments that constantly flow through every day, week, month, year, decade, and even century if we are fortunate enough to have that much time on Earth. With a love for life itself, came an appreciation and respect for the second most important ingredient in this world-one which works best with love-kindness. In my chosen profession, as a teacher of young high school students who are about to open the door to the wide world that surrounds them, there are no better elements than love and kindness that can be taught, especially in a world where both violence and fear linger in every corner of the country. And finally, the trail led me back to the place I was seeking all along, home. I went for several long walks-and one bike ride-and received the ultimate payoff." - Stewart Kincaid